Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Yikes!!! I haven't been keeping up with my blog. Well, I don't have that many followers so who's missing me? It's been 7 months since I did my last blog. So many things had happened since. It's all good and which is why I been busy! The proudest moment wad when my first baby walked on the very same stage I had walked on to get my high school diploma. How did she ended up there when I could remembered her first day of school as kindergarten? Time flies by. She's now attending at University of MD. We had the best vacation this summer was a trip to Mexico for three weeks. My oldest two kids and I went there 12 years ago!!! It was great seeing all of our relatives. We had such a great time. Hope to go back soon not another 12 years! Okay, I'll try to keep up my blog and maybe a short one. Gotta go pick up my youngest from her jazz class.

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