Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where is my mojo??

My hubby and I were working out for at least 40 minutes to an hour. We would pop a Rockin’ Body workout DVDs in between our kids' schedule and dinner after work. We were supporting each other. We were buddy system. We did this for 5 months and then we suddenly stop working out for almost two months! All that hard work drained down and gained some unwanted pounds!
Where did my workout mojo went?

Have you seen my mojo?

I told my hubby that working out the same video for 4 months I get bored.  I switched to Tae Bo and Zumba.  He told me it's impossible to get bored. Well, hello I did! Even I took one Zumba class I was taking after the 3rd class with this same instructor, I fell asleep for a minute while working out. Yea, seriously! My eyes closed!  I guess… I sleep-exercise! I did not take that class with that instructor again. I have seen worse instructor but I still took it because I paid for it.  I just bought a Groupon to take Zumba class. I am looking forward to get back in the routine.  

I need my mojo back. My bra I am wearing is a bit tight. That’s a sign! Time to kick in my gear workout and I need my energy back. Believe it or not! Summer is almost here, only four (FOUR!!?!?!?!) months away from now!!  Not that I expect to be skinny in size 4! I may be a petite but I may not see that size. Being a petite size, I can gain easily and all the weight is sitting around on my hip, waist, tetas and thighs. And I got skinny stick of an arms and legs.  I just want to be able to lose some reasonable weight and not to have turmoil with my wardrobes every morning…no, no..every time. Follow me? 

That what I looks like! 
The hard part is getting to start but once you are into the routine.. it will get easier. I am going to start very pronto. Are you with me?

By the way, I am not that people announce about the weight loss and goal. I praise for these people.  You won’t see a current weight and goal ladder anywhere here. You know that cute turtle reaching the goal. I’ll tell you when I lose weight or not. I am not a bragger.  

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My hobbies

Some of you know I have few hobbies or maybe I have too many! Here are some of the hobbies that I enjoy.

I love to crochet.  I had done two Afghans for my daughter. Currently, I am crocheting for my son because he asked for one.  I promised myself to crochet at least one row or more per day. I had done several other small items such as bun head, flower, scarves and pot holders.  I want to do more.  Now my hubby wants his very own afghan from me. Okay, he's on the list.  I am hoping to make several small baby afghan to give as a gift in the future.

My son's future afghan.

One of the few quick crochet. A flower crochet.
A scarf I made for my niece.
Bun head with ribbon. This was wore for high school spirit for Blair HS

Cross Stitches
I love to cross stitches. I mean just a simple and small project. Such as a wedding date and name, or baby birth date or a name. I had a project and a difficult one that I started 14 years ago and did not completed it. I was expecting with my son at the time. I had not touch it until I found it yesterday in a box that was in the attic. I was showing my youngest daughter how this work. And told her this may be a good hobby she can start. I will give her a small easy project for her to learn a lesson.  Last night, I was cross stitching some and I had to stop because it was late and had passed my bed time. Maybe I will do a little bit here and there.

One of the cross stitches project that I had started  14 years ago and left as it is. I will start again.

Memory Fabric Album
This was my first craft hobby I started during my motherhood years. I want to make a special first born a baby album. I didn't like what I saw in the store that was just a plan boring cover with cute animal or Disney characters. So, I went to the fabric store and bought the material to make. I was happy with the result. I had made these albums in small or big size. I was giving these personalized albums as a gift for a baby shower, wedding, quinceneara, birthday and holidays.  All my friends and family members love it.  Then I stop making these, I have a long list to give some certain people. I feel bad sometime I haven't made these in a while or someone is overdue.  Yikes! Maybe I am lazy. Time to get back to make more. Oh yea, I had once made holidays albums and had sold them. That was one of my proudest moments.

Small and large albums

Wedding album

Baby shower gift for a baby boy

A gift for one of the company

Another wedding gift

Candy Making-Molding

The first time I made was for my son's first birthday. It was Mickey Mouse and his friends lollipops.  As soon I started giving out for our young guests, they were gone fast even adult want one, too!!!  So, I started collecting themes candy molds.   From time to time, I make these for parties and office, sometime.  Now, I am trying to get back to make some and need to purchase some candy melts to stock up.   I think I may add a new hobby to learn hard candy that made out of sugar.  So watch out for me when I post one day!

My candy making supplies.
I only like fun sewing project not to sew because my kid's pant or shirt got ripped. But yes I do hand sew or if I am so lazy I will use the sewing machine.   I once wanted to be a fashion designer and make many clothes. What was I thinking??  I only makes something that I may not be able to find an item at the store, so I making one at home. Here are some examples.

One of the video game character for Halloween costume 

A bloomer and a blouse for my daughter's Mexican Folklorico .

Mexican Folklorico
Several years ago, I found Mexican folklorico classes for the young dancer. I signed up for all my kids but only one continues. Then I decided to take it, too. I had always admired the Mexican dancers in their beautiful vibrant costumes, makeup and hairdos.  Then there was my chance to be like them. At first, I thought I am too old to do this but my other friends were taking it. I took it but its not easy as it look. It’s a lot of footwork and skirtwork. These costumes can weigh 5 to 10 pounds with all that extra layers and ruffles.  Your arm must be strong and be consist to lift these skirts up in the air to make a wave. I swear by doing that, my fatty flab arms are gone! There is one dance I wish to learn, Yucatan. It’s the state where my mother came from. I found out my director will be teaching that and I better hurry up and go to my practice. Two things we must bring to the class, folklorico shoes and practice skirt.   Not just any shoe or skirt. These shoes are handmade. The nails are hammered at the tip of the bottom shoes and the sole. It helps to make the sound when we dance. Almost like tapping but harder.  The skirt is double circle which make a big wave and these are good to practice rather than wearing the beautiful costumes.   

Folklorico shoes with nails at the bottom of the sole and the tip. 

Here a brief video at the folklorico practice few years ago. Ali is the one in the hot pink zebra practice skirt. I made that skirt. And these boys playing with the butcher knives are fake. Well, look like no video at this time, I am having problem with uploading. Sorry, next time.

I always had good eyes to take picture. I like to capture something and make memories. My first camera was a single lens camera. Remember back then, we had to make sure not to waste the film roll when there were only 24 or 36 shots. It wasn't cheap to buy these film and you must take to the photo developing center to pay for the pictures. Every time I get the pictures back, all these pictures that look good were taken by me but the other that were blurry or my head was chopped off, what a waste! Today, thanks to digital and memory card to take many pictures you want and able to view them without waiting  at the photo center.  Now that smartphone comes with camera, looks like no one carry the camera anymore. When there is a special occasion, I'll bring my professional camera.  My cousin teased me that every time I visited them, I always get a new camera and better. It’s not so true. It’s called saving up and invests a good camera.   So when you see me, SMILE for the camera!

Book club
I was not a bookworm when I was a kid.  Back then there wasn't book program to encourage kids to read like today. Local library was boring but I did like school library. I thought reading book was for homework only. Duh me!! I don't know why that is.  I had always remember a book story that my teacher once read us a chapter or half of chapter everyday called, James and the Giant Peach in American Sign Language (ASL). ASL is very drama than it reading out.  As an adult, I started to read more book and I received a kindle from my sister as a gift. I LOVE that KINDLE. It so easy on my purse and my shoulders are happy no heavy strap purse.  I joined to host a book club from my favorite latina bestselling author, Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, The Dirty Girls Social Club.  It's currently in the process making the movie. I can't wait to see it. If you wish to join me a book club, I am currently reading Lucky Chica. If you wish to join me, click here http://alisavaldes.com/bookclub.php#sthash.sVzPWqcj.dpbs , Silver Spring, MD /Washington DC.  If you like free ebook, go get your free ebook from this author, All That Glitter, https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/37084 .  Have you read any good book lately? Let's share.

No, I can't paint like Leonardo da Vinci.  I can paint like a 5 year old kids or paint by numbers.  My next painting is my armoire project. It's in the process. Sound easy but it's not.

I love cooking only when I am in the good mood and have all my ingredients. When I am such in a good mood and I can make a real good meals. It's just a thought of being in my kitchen all day and everyday? Nope, not for me. Maybe if I get a new kitchen renovation. I want a family room and kitchen combination. Where we all hang out in the same room and eat, too.

Beef and chicken empandas

Flautas (taquitos)

Huevos ranchos for breakast

Possible of new hobby:
*Pop cake lollipop
*Hard candy
*Ceramic mugs

I think I have too many hobbies and it's hard to keep track working on one project to the next project. I want to do them all at once and it's impossible.  I told my hubby that I want my very own craft room where I can walk in there and let all my creative ideas happen. And also all my craft supplies all out there open and messy and I just need a door to closed.

So I think I pretty much covered my hobbies and what's your hobby? Tell me about it.

Are you interesting to start a hobby or need a lesson workshop from PRETTY ME?  Or why not get together anyway.

Looks like I don't have anything to sit back and eat a cupcake. I guess I will pick up and start one of the projects for 30 minutes.

Hasta luego!

P.S. How could I forget??  And my very own blog!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

What have I been doing ??

Finally the weekend is here! I love weekend and who doesn't? My children and I have three day long weekend!!! Nice!! But it's going to be a long time before the next holiday...March...April..May..three month until Memorial's Day for me! My kids will have their spring break in the next month.

Let me summarize since the last blog I had posted. Did you miss me??

My youngest daughter decided to go with a “boring” store bought Valentine's Day cards. I was sort of disappointed because I thought we could do crafting. But I made some Valentine white chocolate lollipops and cherub angels. I remembered I had several candy mold templates and want to make something special for my kids and hubby, too. Something I didn't have to spend any money. I had vanilla chocolate melt and I want it in red, so I used food coloring.

I been crocheting on and off.  I started doing different patterns.  Last year, I started an afghan blanket for my son and stop for a while. I started again last week and hope to finish by the end of this year.  I hope I have your support and encouragement for me to finish this project., so my son can wrap his blanket that will be  made with love from me.

My son's future afghan blanket.

We picked up our initial Girl Scout cookies and started to give out to our neighbors, friends, family members and my co-workers. I had to haul about 30 to 40 packages each day to work. Let me tell you I carried them to the bus, transferred two different trains and then a good rude 15 minutes of walking from the subway to my office desk for three days in a row. After the first day, my shoulders were sore! Then on second day and third day, I packed all the packages into my carry-on suitcase with wheels on it. It's a lifesaver. My co-workers were happy with their goodies! I should earn a GS cookie patch!!!

First day carrying two large bags. 

On the 2nd and 3rd day, I used my carry on suitcase and a bag.
 My college baby came home on Sunday for the night, so I can take her to her doctor appointment on Monday. After dropping her off at her dorm, I went to a thrift store and found me an armoire for my craft storage. The price you can’t beat, it was a steal!! $37.99! I got the idea from Granny in Style Facebook, Nina had this great idea a craft storage. They don’t have any wrinkles or gray hairs!) They are twice younger than me.  Back to my found, it needs to get clean up and a new paint. Yes, will paint it on the boring wood. Looking forward to work on it and start organizing my craft supplies. My home does not have lots of storage and this is great to keep all my supplies in one place.

Found armoire at thrift store.  My
                                                     next project to turn this into my craft storage.

Then a disaster when you own an older house. Our gas water heater was leaking and then the leaking got worse. We were able to stop the flooding. However, we need to monitor the leak for several days.I almost decided to buy a bag of adult diaper to put under the water heater to absorb the leak. It was just a thought. Our good friend who is a plumber came and check our water heater. He told us, that's it and time to replace it. Yea, yea we knew that and it’s 21 years old and it had last for so long, average is 12 years. We went to the store today to purchase a new one. I can feel the pain in our bank account! Believe it or not, we had been boiling our water to take a sponge bath!!!  It reminded me when I was young on vacation I used to take a sponge bath when I went to my aunt's house in Mexico and Honduras.  There are some damaged on our wood flooring and they curled up a bit because it was soaked. I could feel it when I walk on it, it's not smooth floor. At this time, we can't afford to replace it. We need to play a buck or five bucks on a scratch-n-win game at 7/11 (seven and eleven) store. I always thought it’s a waste of money to play it. I guess once in a while wouldn't hurt.

Good-bye our 21 year old water heater! 

After I post this, I am going to eat a sweet homemade cupcake from my friend, Maureen and her daughter, Jazz. What a perfect way to end with my day with a cupcake! Thanks ladies!

Enjoy your weekend!

Homemade cupcakes from friends.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

No posting for a while...

Oh my...it's been over a week since I last post!   Many reasons why I haven’t post.
LAZY! My hands admitted it. Ten fingers don't want to type.
I ate too much on Super Bowl night and tried to burn off calories by dancing in 4 inches heels like Beyonce.
Computer acting up WEIRD! I sure would love to choke it and smack around it but can't do that.
I was BRAIN DEAD when I couldn't think what to POST.
I had to deal with Missy Cramp for a while. Next time, I am going to invite Ms. Midol for company.
Love in the air, Valentine’s Day is coming up...working on ideas to create a V-day cards for my youngest classmates. It's our little project.
Will share a picture later.....

Have a great day!!!