Friday, February 15, 2013

What have I been doing ??

Finally the weekend is here! I love weekend and who doesn't? My children and I have three day long weekend!!! Nice!! But it's going to be a long time before the next holiday...March...April..May..three month until Memorial's Day for me! My kids will have their spring break in the next month.

Let me summarize since the last blog I had posted. Did you miss me??

My youngest daughter decided to go with a “boring” store bought Valentine's Day cards. I was sort of disappointed because I thought we could do crafting. But I made some Valentine white chocolate lollipops and cherub angels. I remembered I had several candy mold templates and want to make something special for my kids and hubby, too. Something I didn't have to spend any money. I had vanilla chocolate melt and I want it in red, so I used food coloring.

I been crocheting on and off.  I started doing different patterns.  Last year, I started an afghan blanket for my son and stop for a while. I started again last week and hope to finish by the end of this year.  I hope I have your support and encouragement for me to finish this project., so my son can wrap his blanket that will be  made with love from me.

My son's future afghan blanket.

We picked up our initial Girl Scout cookies and started to give out to our neighbors, friends, family members and my co-workers. I had to haul about 30 to 40 packages each day to work. Let me tell you I carried them to the bus, transferred two different trains and then a good rude 15 minutes of walking from the subway to my office desk for three days in a row. After the first day, my shoulders were sore! Then on second day and third day, I packed all the packages into my carry-on suitcase with wheels on it. It's a lifesaver. My co-workers were happy with their goodies! I should earn a GS cookie patch!!!

First day carrying two large bags. 

On the 2nd and 3rd day, I used my carry on suitcase and a bag.
 My college baby came home on Sunday for the night, so I can take her to her doctor appointment on Monday. After dropping her off at her dorm, I went to a thrift store and found me an armoire for my craft storage. The price you can’t beat, it was a steal!! $37.99! I got the idea from Granny in Style Facebook, Nina had this great idea a craft storage. They don’t have any wrinkles or gray hairs!) They are twice younger than me.  Back to my found, it needs to get clean up and a new paint. Yes, will paint it on the boring wood. Looking forward to work on it and start organizing my craft supplies. My home does not have lots of storage and this is great to keep all my supplies in one place.

Found armoire at thrift store.  My
                                                     next project to turn this into my craft storage.

Then a disaster when you own an older house. Our gas water heater was leaking and then the leaking got worse. We were able to stop the flooding. However, we need to monitor the leak for several days.I almost decided to buy a bag of adult diaper to put under the water heater to absorb the leak. It was just a thought. Our good friend who is a plumber came and check our water heater. He told us, that's it and time to replace it. Yea, yea we knew that and it’s 21 years old and it had last for so long, average is 12 years. We went to the store today to purchase a new one. I can feel the pain in our bank account! Believe it or not, we had been boiling our water to take a sponge bath!!!  It reminded me when I was young on vacation I used to take a sponge bath when I went to my aunt's house in Mexico and Honduras.  There are some damaged on our wood flooring and they curled up a bit because it was soaked. I could feel it when I walk on it, it's not smooth floor. At this time, we can't afford to replace it. We need to play a buck or five bucks on a scratch-n-win game at 7/11 (seven and eleven) store. I always thought it’s a waste of money to play it. I guess once in a while wouldn't hurt.

Good-bye our 21 year old water heater! 

After I post this, I am going to eat a sweet homemade cupcake from my friend, Maureen and her daughter, Jazz. What a perfect way to end with my day with a cupcake! Thanks ladies!

Enjoy your weekend!

Homemade cupcakes from friends.

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