Thursday, February 7, 2013

No posting for a while...

Oh's been over a week since I last post!   Many reasons why I haven’t post.
LAZY! My hands admitted it. Ten fingers don't want to type.
I ate too much on Super Bowl night and tried to burn off calories by dancing in 4 inches heels like Beyonce.
Computer acting up WEIRD! I sure would love to choke it and smack around it but can't do that.
I was BRAIN DEAD when I couldn't think what to POST.
I had to deal with Missy Cramp for a while. Next time, I am going to invite Ms. Midol for company.
Love in the air, Valentine’s Day is coming up...working on ideas to create a V-day cards for my youngest classmates. It's our little project.
Will share a picture later.....

Have a great day!!!

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