Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tweaking my blogger and not loving it, yet.

I don't know if you noticed that I changed the look on my blog. I am not loving it, yet. It doesn’t match my style. Does it matter? I am trying to put back the original picture of the pinup lady in the polka dot dress that I had before. I tried all day yesterday tweaking my blog.

 I even went to the library and got me a few books on how to create an amazing blog. It was a bit useful but a little outdated. They were published in 2010. It's a fast changing in social media networks.

My laptop is almost six years old and it’s not a fast speeding as it used to be. I need to get a new laptop or desktop computer, but my bank account is not ready for a new one. So, I can’t afford one and I hope that it will last another year. Fingers crossed. I have a little patience when it runs slow or freeze.  I wish there was an "IT" member in the family to help me out. So bear with me while I’m tweaking from now until I am satisfied with my blog’s new looks.

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