Monday, January 7, 2013

All Christmas tree and decorations are down.

We had a wonderful christmas holiday and few pretty snowflakes before it turned into rain later on. I putted up the christmas decorations up since a week after Thanksgiving. I enjoyed the christmas tree light up the room and it's like glowing the room. It's  not so dark and cold.

Here our Christmas tree back in the corner. It was also my youngest's birthday party as you can see on the table.

We are not the only one love the Christmas tree.  Our two mischiefs cats, Smudge and Dash love sleeping under the christmas tree. Sometime, when we look for them and can't find them, they are usually under the christmas tree. Their new hiding spot.

Dash sleeping on christmas tree skirt.  I was pulling the skirt but it was stuck and found him sleeping on it.
Smudge under the Christmas tree. He was happy.

Christmas tree is gone. I felt so bad and put a box there where the tree used to be.

Now I am looking foward to have a great new year to start and more room after I packed all the christmas stuffs. Also I can't wait for the next christmas because I bought more christmas lights, decorations and gift wrapping I bought after christmas at half price and 90 percent off, too.

I think he forgave me. I am glad he like the box.

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  1. Good thing you didn't accidentally wrap up the cats with the rest of the decorations!