Thursday, January 17, 2013

The confession of Girl Scout cookies.

There are eight flavors. It's only stay for short time. It's pricey than your cup of Starbucks.  It's impossible to eat just one. You need more than a box. 

The Girl Scout cookies are back! You know what's that means?  You will be seeing cute girl in their uniform knocking at your door or will be showing up at your local grocery waving you to buy one or more.  How can you resist them?  Can you name all the cookies? I'll help you. They are Savannah Smiles, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Dulce de Leche, Thank U Berry Munch, Tagalongs and Thin Mints. (These cookies are selling in the Nation's Capital area)

Some of you may be excited!!! Yay, my favorite cookies are here. I will buy one box, no I will take two and then wait a minute, how much is it each box? Four bucks? Okay then you remember, oh I am on my diet and I must only take one box. But then few weeks later, your cookie show up and you finish the whole box after you ditch your diet didn't last that long since your made your new year resolution. Then you go on the hunt to find the cookie booth sale that is selling at your grocery store or you get in touch with the girl you bought from or the cookie mom.

Or are you that person that is not so excited about the Girl Scout cookie. Do you open the door when Girl Scout comes to your door knocking with their big smile on their face and ask you if you want to buy cookie from her? And their face expression said "Please buy one or whole box" and it's so hard for you to say, "No, thank you".  Or is there a Girl Scout Mom or Dad at your workplace and hand you the Girl Scout cookie order to buy the cookie.  Or is it that annoying when you see the girl scouts at your local grocery and asking you for the second time when you had already purchased on your first arrival? Please remember that each girl has time slot and may not be there when you first came and has already arrive after you went into the store.

Or do you ever feel that you think you are obligate to buy one because her mother/father bought something from your child's fundraiser in the past? So you buy something then we are even. Or sometime you bought worth of $30 from that child's fundraiser and they only bought one box of cookie from your child.  I think this is silly but I tried not to take it seriously, I just let it go.

Let me tell you, I am the Girl Scout mom of two girls. Twice I had helped my daughters to achieve her goal by selling the cookies. What does this means? It's a cookie sale rewards. This is where I dread to find out what's her goal.  From the lowest to the highest prize depend how many cookies she had sold.  The lowest prize is 12 packages and the highest prize is 1,000 packages.  As always, my girls will tell me I want that prize that we need to sell 1,000 cookies. I want to laugh at her face (I knew that wouldn't be the right way) but I told my girls that it too high to reach that goal. We should start small goal and goes up gradually until the end of the cookie sale. My first girl had always been the top seller in her troop for four years in a row. The highest she had sold was 300 plus. She retired from Girl Scout. I am glad that both of my girls are not Girl Scout at the same time. My second girl had been the top seller for four year and her highest was 200 plus but the last one, she came in second place, she was so devastated. I could not believe she felt that way. I told her it's all about learning how to be sell cookies and gain confident not where you are placed at. Yea, it's great to feel number one but it's not always that way in real life. Do your best. It's a great learning experience to get in touch with people by meeting in person, calling on phone, sending email and how to get people to buy more. It's also help for the troop to gain some profit. Girls develop 5 skills through participation in GS product sale program. 1) Goal Setting 2) Decision-Making 3) Money Management 4) People Skills and 5) Business Ethics. This year, she is in her fifth year as Junior and her goal is to get 150 packages by the first initial date. Both of my girls are lucky to have parents work in the office.  I am known as the Cookie Mom, Popcorn Mom for boy scout, the Master Fundraiser, Queen Fundraiser and the list goes on. There was the time, I had to compete with another cookie parents in the office. Should I call myself the Pimp Cookie? My attitude was like, this is my turf and you are stepping in! I didn't need to tell them that because my co-workers are very loyal and they always buy it from my child. At that time, I didn't know I had to compete because this mom confronted me and asked me, "Are you the cookie mom?" I said, "Yes". She said, " Oh, no wonder! I am not getting many packages order and I even put out cookie samples next to the cookie order and they sure ate it!"  I may not be able to get many packages from my office. We’ll see how it goes. Where I work the office staffs are getting small or under staffs.  Some folks has left. One of the best customers who used to order 24 packages of Samoas but had retired. L Wish her the best on her retirement journey. All these years I helped my daughters getting her goal achieved and hauled 100 boxes to my work and getting into the building is not easy and even worst carrying them on the metro subway. I would have to carry few boxes every single day to deliver to my office. The hard part is collecting money, I hate dealing with money because I don't like to be responsible and carry over hundreds dollars in my house. I would take it to the bank or to the cookie leader to deposit it.
Since I don't have a vest but I have my own cap! I even added patches on it.

My confession as Girl Scout mom and cookie mom:
1) I love it because I never was a girl scout as a child. My father even bought me the entire brownie uniform from head to toe because I asked for it. Never once went to Girl Scout meeting. We had no clue what girl scout was. I must have thought it was fashion and even wore it to school once! How embarrassing!
2) I live through my daughter's experiences as a Daisy, Brownie and Junior.
3) I love watching them earning their try-it patches and I sew or iron their patches on their vest.
4) I love being cookie mom because I feel so VIP!!!
5) But I hate the job description. It's a full time job and so stressful especially when collecting a lots of money from the entire troop. I get paranoid that my home will be robbed one day!
6) I get excited when I go to the Girl Scout shop to buy patches for my girls! (Estoy loca? )
7) I resigned as cookie mom to give other parents an opportunity, so obviously the troop leader end up taking since no one step up.  I am temping to go back but my hubby said, "No". I guess I was stressing him for three years

Remember if you wish not to buy a cookie, you may opt to donate to the troop's Gift of Caring. You can ask them who they select the charity or the organization. Its tax deductible, ask for the slip after you donate.

The cookie sale last for three to four months.  It's not too late to get your cookies, so if you are in my area and wish to get cookie from my child, inbox me if you got my contact info or send me a comment in here. Or if you are so far away from here, check out the girl Scout website to locate the cookie sale.

Have a Happy Cookie!

My first girl as a brownie girl.

Daisy girl for two years

Brownie girl for two years.

Going door to door.
Cookie booth sale.

First year as a Junior

Which cookie do you like?

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