Sunday, January 6, 2013

Feliz Dia de Los Reyes Magos!

Feliz Dia de Los Reyes Magos! (or Three Kings Day)

My family started to celebrate The Three Kings by keeping our christmas tree and decorations up until January 6th every years. This is 12 days after Christmas. We started to put a bowl of water and some grass for the hungry camels. Then they would leaves some treats or gifts behind for my kids. (we didn't leave any treats for them but we are buying them a lunch!)

Check out a wonderful craft idea by Evettes Rios I think we will mak this water bowl for next year.

Our figurines of Los Reyes Magos.
My first time I celebrated de los reyes magos when I was in Mexico on my winter break from college. My cousins and friends were putting the party together and they bought a rosca de reyes, a sweet bread ring with a little figurine of the baby Jesus.  When they told me there are three little figurine of the baby Jesus in the bread, I was worrying about getting choke on it.  I asked them how do I know if I have one in my slice? They told me that everyone will take turn to cut a slice of the bread, when three people get the baby Jesus will have to prepare the next party on February 2nd, Dia de la Candelaria (  So I ended up getting the baby Jesus.  You can't miss the baby Jesus in your slice.  Unfortunely, I was not there for the next event becaue I had to return to the States for school.  I found a reciepe to make the Rosca de Reyes from Evette Rios.  I was planning to make one for my family but I didn't have the time. I hope I can make one next year.

Either tonight or tomorrow, I am not looking foward to pack but I will be glad to have more space in my home.

Have a Happy Three Kings day! 

Rosca De Reyes pan (Sweet bread king)

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