Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A new critter addition to the family

We went to the pet store just to get the dry foods for our cats. We came home with dry foods, wet foods, cat’s toy, catnip, cat’s elf hat and a dwarf hamster.  Yes, a real live dwarf hamster. My youngest child bought it with her money that she had been saving since Christmas. She bought food, bedding stuff, hamster cage with toys.  She told me she is very serious and want to take responsible for her pet.  My first thought was our cats. Our cats love window sightseeing and they get excited when they see birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and anything that is small and it moves.  This is not our first hamster. Our oldest daughter had a hamster named, Cheese. May he rest in peace. Tragedy, he was mystery escaped and found dead at the bedroom doorstep in the morning. I don’t know if it was a gift from our beloved cat, Pumpkin.   I told her you are responsible to keep the cage clean, fill up the food and water and so on. She was trying to name her hamster. She came up Dopey as one of the Snow White and seven dwarfs.  Before she made the final name, I suggested her, Whisker.  She loves it but decided to name it, Dopey. We have to observe our cats, Smudge and Dash to not attack the cage. They are behaving well but need to keep eyes on them to accept Dopey as a family member not a target victim. Let’s hope they will love each other.
Dopey, welcome to the family.

The extreme challenge habitat or cage.

There is Dopey munching on his food.

Welcome Dopey!!

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