Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My new year's resolution

Every year we make a new year's resolution. Some don't last long and few had stick to their commitment. I know I could never stick to my resolution. It used to be a long list and I would never keep it up. My list used to be to lose weight, do more exercise, eat healthy, be a better mother to my kids and get a new job for more money.  I stop doing new resolution several years ago and start doing diet whenever and exercise whenver and never have to feel guilty.  So I thought about doing my resolution for 2013. It would be one and hope not too difficult.  I decide to do a blog for 365 days. So I do not have to write very long, share my thought and maybe do a picture of the day. I admire and enjoy other bloggers. I have to warn you that I am not a best writer and if you a reader that get an itch when there are some of my mistake and my sentence is all wrong, please excused my writing skill. My english class was not the best and which is why I avoid writing. I better stop here because I don't like to write too long. I wish you all have a wonderful happy new year. I hope that this year will brings my family happiness and joyful!

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