Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mi camista fea! (my ugly shirt)

You see this t-shirt? I know it's old, got many holes, and ugly but it's always clean.It's not a homeless shirt!  It was a shirt given to me by my cousins as a souvenir many years ago. Here my confession, it's my favorite t-shirt and I won't throw it out, yet. Because it so soft and gentle on my skin. I sleep in it, I wear it during my exercise and I only wear it at home!  Maybe secretly I wear it under my jacket when I go out to grocery store! I hope you will never catch me wearing this one. LOL!!  In time, one of these hole will get big and bigger. Then I will have to say good! Maybe I can use  it as my blinky?
I love my camista fea! Do you have any ugly shirt or pant or something?

My Carlos froggies t-shirt( La fea camista). Don't worry, I got a sport bra on so no accident expose.

Tiny holes on my right shoulder.

More holes and much bigger on my short sleeve.

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