Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Am I raising a college vampire at home?

Am I raising a college vampire at home?

No, not that glitter pale skin like Edward from the Twilight. I was thinking more like The Lost Boys move in the late 80’s.  It reminded me when Michael sleeps all day and stay up all night. He thought he drank a bottle of wine but it was blood.  He was half vampire. I love this movie especially these two Corey. I think I will tune in to see this movie on the weekend. Anyway back to the topic...

 We just drop off our college girl to her dorm after being home for winter breaks of 5 weeks.  These five weeks she was home with us, she slept in late like a vampire and sucking whatever in the fridge.  I hope that long break had fueled her to get ready for the second semester. She had excelled in her first semester and received a dean letter to congratulate. She had mature and changed a bit since her first semester. What do I mean by that? She had spent more time with us and getting closer than she had in her last four years in high school.  I had told her that her high school was her second home because she spent more time there than at home.  What did she really do in five weeks? Like I said, she slept in late until 1 or 2pm. She stayed up late at night. She lounged in the family room and was glued on Netflix. She munches on anything she finds in the kitchen. Oh yea, spent a lots of time on her iPhone. Texting, listening to music and who know what else she got on her phone. Now that's all over except for texting, of course. Time to hit the books!!!

It’s her first year of college and her second semester. We are very proud of her commitment to her study. We support her and be there for her whenever she needs us. Believe it or not, her school is only less than seven miles or about 15 minutes away from home.
Can’t wait to see her soon but it could be tomorrow! Check the old post I on her milestone in her school years. http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6993015913767187201#editor/target=post;postID=7167592317972702874

Go Terps!!!


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