Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am a makeup junkie!!!

I fell in love with makeup as early at age 5 or so. I remembered watching my mother applying her makeup in the bathroom. I would sit and stare at her while she applied her eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner to make a perfect cat’s eye.  I couldn’t wait to grow up and be able to apply makeup on me. While I had to wait to grow up, I would sneak and apply my oldest sister’s real makeup when she’s not home. I didn’t like the kid’s makeup because it’s were fake. My godsister and I would apply each other and then removed them before my sister get home. I guess she knew I had applied it because her eyeshadow would crumple into dust powder and her lipstick would be smash or fall off when you open by twisting it. Speaking of my godsister, she is now a professional makeup artist. I guess she’ll have to thank me for allow her to use my big sister! Wink wink! 

My first full makeup was when I had my quinceanera aka sweet fifteen party.  As soon I turned fifteen, I start apply my makeup to school. I felt so grown up.  I have a picture  but I can't find it. OMG, I had two full of purple eyeshoadow and a bad hair! Now looking back, I am laughing. I didn’t continue to apply that much and I learn to apply better.   I assumed that my oldest daughter will follow my footstep. I was wrong, she took a different direction. She likes to apply soft and light makeup. That’s a good start but she doesn’t apply it everyday like I do. I would not go without my makeup at work. The only time that I don’t apply it when I am real sick or not feeling "pretty".  On most weekend I don’t have my makeup when I am home and on my day off. I must apply my makeup whenever I go out because without it, I feel naked.  When I must go very lightly makeup, it would be black or brown eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip gloss.   When I must wear a very heavy makeup, it would be when I am performing on the stage.  Bright or vibrant colors, thick eyeliner, fake big eyelashes and red lipstick. Like this one.

My STAGE makeup for Mexcian Folkorica.

I have to admit that I am a makeup junkie! Whenever I see a new eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, lipstick or a case of makeup, I would buy it and no matter how many I have at home. I still need more. I have work makeup bag that I carry to work to apply it.  I apply it my desk when I arrive because I am too tired to apply at home when I wake up at 4:30 in the morning. 

My youngest like to play and I would let her play around with my makeup only at home. She wears makeup only when she performs on the stage for her recital and Mexican folklorica.

One last thing, I am not comfortable apply makeup on other people’s.  I rather apply on my daughters or myself. Remember, I am not a professional makeup artist.  My godsister is great one! She hasn't applied on me since childhood and I think she owe me because I introduced the makeup in the first place, don't you think?  ;)

My WORK makeup bag.

Love my makeup!!!

More makeup in my drawer!!!

My Sephora makeup case for convenient storage and travel. And more makeup! 

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