Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where is my mojo??

My hubby and I were working out for at least 40 minutes to an hour. We would pop a Rockin’ Body workout DVDs in between our kids' schedule and dinner after work. We were supporting each other. We were buddy system. We did this for 5 months and then we suddenly stop working out for almost two months! All that hard work drained down and gained some unwanted pounds!
Where did my workout mojo went?

Have you seen my mojo?

I told my hubby that working out the same video for 4 months I get bored.  I switched to Tae Bo and Zumba.  He told me it's impossible to get bored. Well, hello I did! Even I took one Zumba class I was taking after the 3rd class with this same instructor, I fell asleep for a minute while working out. Yea, seriously! My eyes closed!  I guess… I sleep-exercise! I did not take that class with that instructor again. I have seen worse instructor but I still took it because I paid for it.  I just bought a Groupon to take Zumba class. I am looking forward to get back in the routine.  

I need my mojo back. My bra I am wearing is a bit tight. That’s a sign! Time to kick in my gear workout and I need my energy back. Believe it or not! Summer is almost here, only four (FOUR!!?!?!?!) months away from now!!  Not that I expect to be skinny in size 4! I may be a petite but I may not see that size. Being a petite size, I can gain easily and all the weight is sitting around on my hip, waist, tetas and thighs. And I got skinny stick of an arms and legs.  I just want to be able to lose some reasonable weight and not to have turmoil with my wardrobes every morning…no, no..every time. Follow me? 

That what I looks like! 
The hard part is getting to start but once you are into the routine.. it will get easier. I am going to start very pronto. Are you with me?

By the way, I am not that people announce about the weight loss and goal. I praise for these people.  You won’t see a current weight and goal ladder anywhere here. You know that cute turtle reaching the goal. I’ll tell you when I lose weight or not. I am not a bragger.  

Wish me luck!

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