Monday, March 11, 2013

My first Sony Access Glasses at the movie theater

I was looking forward to see the Oz the Great and Powerful since I first saw on trailer. I had always loved the classical movie, The Wizard of Oz. 

I don't like to go to a movie theater because I never understood most movies dues of my hearing loss. So I tend to wait and watch it on DVD so I can read with subtitle.  Sometime, Movie Theater have subtitle that I had to ask for a reflector rear stand if a movie is available in caption. It's complicated equipment that you have to carry and put in your cup holder. Whenever it's a family movie, I always requested a headphone with amplifier to pump up the volume so I can hear.  I had to lip-read the actor's lip in the movies. Most of the time, it can be very difficult to understand the scene when the camera is not on the actor's face. And you can't lip-read an animation characters. Frequently, I check with Caption Fish website that provided you list of movies with subtitle available. When I saw that a movie theater nearby my home has “Sony-Access Glasses” it’s an infrared emitter broadcasts closed caption text into an auditorium which can be picked up by special eyewear. In another word, glasses show subtitle while you watch a movie. My daughter and I arrived at the movie theater early and we had out tickets bought in advance for evening movie. I went to the front desk about the Sony glasses for hearing impaired. The attendant asked me which movie I plan to see, I told him the Oz. He was getting the equipment ready. He pulled out a chip and inserts into the device and hand me the glasses. I asked him what I have to do, he said just put on when the movie begin. I was very impressed, that’s it? No button to turn on or anything. Nope. Okay, that was simple. We went in early to grab our seats.  So, I was a bit worry about getting myself tangle with the wires but I find a way to not get in a way while I eat and also that I forgot to bring my reader glasses. Then I thought oh geez, does that means I have to put this glasses on top of my reader glasses? That sounds uncomfortable!!! But since I forgot, let’s find out if I can read without my reader glasses.   It didn’t caption during the preview trailers but that’s okay. Then the movie started, I was so excited and hoping eyeglasses will work for me and I can understand the whole movie without wondering??  I enjoyed the movie and I understood everything! Only few glitches when they didn’t caption one or two lines and I tapped my glasses to get it work. I wasn’t sure if the battery was low. I can’t tell. 

We enjoyed the movie so much that we want to buy The Wizard of Oz in blue ray DVD.

When I returned the glasses at the front desk, I asked them if the glasses only available for some movies? They said it’s available in all movies. Now I am a happy movie-goer!  Now, I don’t have to wait for all movies to come out in DVD.

That was excited thing for me. I am sure you deafie knew about this, I guess I had finally caught up with technology stuff.

The movie

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