Friday, March 22, 2013

Lost pictures forever...

The last few days, I was organizing pictures on my old laptop. Pictures were downloaded since 2004. When we got our first digital camera and excited no more film rolls to put inside the camera. I hate to be real careful not to let it expose by the light and always monitor how many pictures left on each roll. You couldn’t just take many pictures like a photographer would. Anyway we were learning how to use it.

1)      Snap snap: I go crazy taking pictures like everything is Kodak moments.  I was glad that I don’t have to stop at 24 or 32.  I love the fact that I am able to review them and if I don’t like it, just delete it. Unlike in the old day, we have to wait when the film processed and printed. It’s always less or more than 5 bad pictures come out.
2)      Full: You would not like to see that word, FULL during a special event. I would take a lot of pictures and keep on going until my camera’s message: MEMORY FULL.  I panicked....OMG!  You wish you took the time to download the pictures and to clear the space for more pictures before the event. You blame on yourself. Sometime you have to go through the pictures to delete the bad one in a hurry or get extra memory card. And ALWAYS I mean..ALWAYS have extra memory card to switch. Thanks to smartphone with camera, that’s your last resource.
3)      Procrastinator: We should get a crown for being a procrastinator family. It’s not just me. Even my kids with their schoolwork and homework. One of the worst things about being a procrastinator is; “Oops, it’s too late.”.  I don't download immediately to my computer after taking some pictures.  I learned a very hard lesson and would never forget.  After the first year of having the camera. I asked several time to my hubby if the computer was okay for downloading the pictures. A few times, the computer was acting up. So, I waited for almost a year until my camera would not allow me to take anymore pictures until I cleared my memory card. I was messing around with my camera and not thinking clear if I had download or not on my computer. When I got to the screen where it asked you to DELETE ALL by press YES or NO. My dummy finger pressed YES.( darn, these fingers need to be chop off)  With the instant I remembered I didn’t download the pictures and I felt so sick. I was hoping the memory card was not empty after I pressed it. I checked and it was empty. And then my last hope was my computer. I ran to my computer and hoping that I did download few months ago. I searched and did not found it. These pictures means a lots to me because it was the last summer my mother was with us on trip to my oldest daughter, Kassie’s Dance Camp few months before she passed away. Oh boy, here I am crying as I typed this. I wish so many times that I could rewind the time just by few seconds. I could see these pictures in my head and wish I could print it by coming out of my mouth as if I was a printer. I know loca me.  My mother doesn’t like to take pictures. But that time she didn’t mind taking pictures. I don’t know if she knew her time will comes. (more tears here..that was not easy to… breath)  I took it out on my hubby for not downloading the pictures.  Of course, it’s not his fault. Ever since that incident, I had been afraid to delete any pictures. I keep adding pictures and buy more memory cards. From then on, I would check on my computer to make sure the pictures are there and it safe to delete them.
4)      Back-Up: I need to buy a back up hard drive so I can download all pictures and videos.  I am worrying about my laptop will die one day.  I am no IT expert so I am dumb when it comes to inside of the computer. Let’s hope we can get a good back up hard drive so that we still have these beautiful pictures. I better start getting printed just like the old days.

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