Thursday, April 4, 2013

So so so so cold today!!!

I am sick and tired of the cold weather!! Come on, it's April!! I know we get cool weather but it had been in the 30's in the last few weeks and today was low 20's! Seriously, this past Monday it was high 60 degrees but only last like 4 hours. In few hours the temperature drop down to 40's and so windy!'s colder when you go outside at 5 am. I leave my home around 5 am to go to my bus stop. I don't have a best winter coat to keep me warm. I put a lot of layers on me!!! I mean like I am dressing myself as a kid! I put on long Johnny pant, then my work clothes, winter boot, light jacket with hood, a hat, and wrap up a scarf, a wool winter coat and a pair of gloves. I look like I am ready for the blizzard every morning at the bus stop.
Trust me, I get cold easily and sometime I like it or not. So... by the time I arrive at work, I am already sweating under these layers!!!  I am so ready for warm weather. I just look at the weather forecast for next week; finally it will be in high 60’s and mild 70's. I hope that is the beginning of the real spring!! I am so done with cold weather!!! Please go away!!!  I can't wait to put away all the winter clothes and gears!!!
Please pretty Mother Nature...

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