Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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About a week ago, I had written a pretty long post from by finger-typing on my iPhone and then guess what...yes I lost it because I did not saved it or I thought I did, duh me!!  Let's try again and this time I am typing from my daughter's college laptop. So let hope I can post my blog at least once a month and I know I can't keep my new year's resolution to do every day and it's so impossible. Even my youngest daughter remembered and told me you are supposed to do that everyday! (me; rolling my eyes...yes little mama)

My vacation came and went. Two weeks off from work and it was nice taking off and not to think about work for two weeks. I enjoyed spending time with my family.  We originally plan to take trip to Nicaragua but that didn't happened. The airline ticket was very pricey for family of 5.  We waited too long to purchase online and the price kept going up every hours and everyday. So we decided to take trip to Orlando. It was long overdue to take our kids to the home of Micky Mouse.  We took the road trip to Florida. It was between 13 to 17 hours.We left home late and arrived the next day in the afternoon. We went to Universal Studios for two days and Magic Kingdom, too.  I was worried about my kids that may not be thrilled because they were older (18, 14 and 10 years old). I was wrong.. they had a blast time. Disney was right, "Let the Memories Begin".  The last time my husband and I went there when we only had one child, Kassie. She was 3 and half years old. She told me the only memory was meeting Ariel, the Little Mermaid.  Now 15 years later we are here again with two more kids. Let me tell you, my husband and I were so tired within 3 hours after getting there. My kids kept going...it used to be them getting tired when they were younger. We had such a great time and I took so many pictures. I may not be able to post all the pictures here just some.

5K Run:
I did my first 5K run,  the women's mud run with 12 obstacles last month. I want to take challenge that I had never done before in my life and i am not getting any younger. Let's say I am rocking in my 40's club.  I saw an ad on Facebook and I saw the video of mud run. I thought I maybe a girlie girlie but I don't mind getting dirty. I asked some of my friends and two of my best friends want to do it with me. So i am not a fast runner and I don't enjoy running but I knew I had to do something for myself and my health. For the next 5 weeks, we trained ourselves to get ready for our first 5k. I made our team costumes. The day it came, we were nervous and excited at the same time.  My husband, their boyfriends and kids came as a spectator to support us. I knew we were going to get dirty but I felt like I was a kid again getting my hands dirty but it's more like a mud bath because when I went home to take shower, my skin was even softer. I think I need to call the spa for an appointment!  One of the hardest obstacle was climbing over an 8 feet wall without some kind of handle/knob to assist. I was so glad I didn't have any long nails and I know I would have break them.  I would do it again next year if I can get a bigger team. Would you join me?   My husband signed me another 5k run for the Rave Run light show at night that was supposed to happened last weekend and it got postponed to next year, who know why. I was looking forward to it.  There are so many run events but I can't afford to go every single one. Possible the Zombie Run if I can find somebody to go with me and the other one I really want to go is the Bad Prom 5K run. I think I will ask my hubby to be my Bad Prom date! 

Back to School is just around the corner:
My oldest is ready to go back to college for the 2nd year. I am going to miss her but she not very far away from home.  My son is going to high school and I still can't believe it's happening. I remembered being very nervous when he went to pre-k and had the first parent-teacher conference meeting. I was waiting to hear his teacher to tell me that his behavior was out of control and have short attention span and that she was going to tell me what we have to do to correct him. This what I heard his teacher told me, "he's so sweet and very helpful student and willing to learn" I was shocked and I told her, are we talking about the same boy who is very hyper and loud at home? I was proud to hear that from his teacher. He grew up a bit trouble but he eventually did very well.   And my youngest daughter is 5th grade and it will be her last year in the elementary school.  I just realized that my husband and I been parents of elementary school for almost 15 years. We know what to expect and what will happened next with each of our children. We know most of the teachers. I am excited to leave that level (in another word...be done with elementary school the lower level) and move on.

My weight and health goal:
I knew I was in trouble with my weight gain. One day..okay maybe not one day it was almost every morning I had to struggle to get ready to dress but it was not easy. Knowing that outfit I would like to wear would not fit me. I was in a hurry one day and put on my sweat pant on and grab my skirt so I can wear it when I get to work.I got to work and went to the bathroom to put on my skirt and the zipper would not go up to close. That was my breaking point. I was so upset and embarrassed of myself. I was stuck with this skirt and had to wear it all day so I had to wear my blouse out to cover my zipper or wore a sweater all day. When I left and went home, I told myself I need to lose weight and exercise more. I got on my weight scale and saw the number I did not want to believe. Alright, I gained more than I did with my three pregnancies. I started walking in the next few weeks and then running. I want to keep on running which is why I want to do more fun run event to challenge myself and help me lose weight and maintain healthy.  I know I will not be skinny like the supermodel.   I have been following some good blog about their weight progress, runner goal and healthy food lover. I was thinking of creating new blog about my weight progress blog. I don't know if I can do it because I barely keep up on my blog if I plan to do two.

Here are some pictures. I think pictures are wonderful to share.  Hope you will hear from me soob for the next blog.

Happy sign when we saw on the road trip from Maryland. We made it!

It was excited moment when we arrive at the gate enter to park our minivan.

As soon we got inside, just in time to see the Disney princess show. 

Here me ready for my first 5k mud run. I made this costume except for the smile face that was already printed. I knew I will be covered in mud. On the way,,,

Here my team, Smiley Chicas. My best friends! 

Here we climbed one of the obstacle. 

In the end, we made it through!!! 

Here my baby's stuffs to move in her 2nd year dorm.  


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