Monday, September 12, 2011

Gio's Milestones of First Day of School

My only boy is a precious child.  I never had a brother and never knew what is like to have a boy in my family. I always heard from my friends who had a brother that they are horrible, messy and always bugging you.  I had no idea I was having a boy until the day he was born. My doc knew but we asked her not to tell us.  Let's fast forward to his first day of school. I was excited but nervous at the same time. He got so much energy that he doesn't listen to me at home and he always had his way even when I tell him not to or said don't do that and he would dare to do it. So I thought, OMG, he would do the same to his teacher but he surprised me. He did listen to his teacher. Gotta enjoy having a boy and sure does make the difference!! I still do get nervous when he goes to his first day of school even in middle school and I will be when it time for high school!!! Boy will always be boy!
I got my pictures together but only missing two pictures Pre-K and kindergarten. I can't believe it! Will find it or substitute it.

On the search

1st grader at Galway ES

2nd grader at Galway ES
3rd grader at Fores Knolls ES

4th grader at Forest Knolls ES
(wow look at that full hair!)
5th grader at Forest Knolls ES
(looks like a cool day weather)

6th grader at SSIMS

7th grader at SSIMS

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