Monday, September 12, 2011

Ali's Milestone of First Day of School

And there my little princesa is who still a baby in my eyes. As I watch her grow up,the baby fat starting to fade away, getting tall, having full teeth. And some losing baby tooth  then gaining new tooth. More years to go and enjoy having a princesa, she not always that way. She got some personalities like her older sister (very calm) and some personalities like her brother (energery) So it balanced well.  Everything she does will be the last mark, you know I am done with baby bottle, diaperr, daycare, and done with Pre-K, 1st, 2nd.. and goes on..... 
Well, with this one I am able to find all her pictures. the sad thing is that I haven't finish her baby ablum!!! That's my goal to finish it so she can enjoy looking at herself and not her sibilings.

Pre-K at Karaski Day Care

Kindergarten at Forest Knolls ES

1st grader at Forest Knolls ES
(cool weather)

2nd grader at Forest Knolls ES
(must be hot day!)

3rd grader at Forest Knolls ES