Friday, October 14, 2011

There never enough time in a day!!!

How do you find the time to blog and do some creative craft at home when you are up from almost 5 am to go work and get in bed by 11pm or so?  There work outside of home (10 hours). My little free time when I'm catching between two trains and bus to home, I would be looking through on my iPhone to catch up my emails, up to date with your friends on FB or playing Angry Birds and read my favortie book on Kindle. Once I am home, my children greeted me and then asked me what's for dinner? I haven't even step in the kitchen, my mind running what to make and if there time to make one? eat in or eat out? most of time: eat in. Once I checked, what's in my fridge then I know what to whip up. I get out of my working outfit into workout oufit. I promised myself to do a dvd work out for at least 20 to 35 mins each day or at least 4 to 5 times a week.  I am not a gym work out person to use the equipments. They scared me that they comes in all weird shape with weight or without weight. I have no clue how to use them. I don't like how people look at you to see how bad you are out of shape when they are sweating and you can feel their eyes move as you walk by or get the feeling of the "stare".  You are thinking, OMG, I must be doing something wrong here.  Anyway, my man love to go to the GYM, that's great for him and said that his escape from home.  So, then helping my kids wiht their homeworks but they are independent. I like to check to make sure they are on the right track. Our schedule are full with afterschool schedule....let's see there are few free time that would be on Friday night. Then on the weekend, it's full with other activites as well. The only free time would be somewhere in the evening but by that time, I am so exhausted to lift my finger to make something. I had so many things I want to try and do this and that. I had said, I'll do tomorrow.  When I realized that I said that it was several days or weeks or months ago. I am lucky that I have a day off on every 15th day but that takes up my time I usually run on my errands. I need to lock myself in a room with my crafts stuffs.  The other days, I went to A.C. Moore (craft store) to get something and I was excited like a kid. Everything I see, I want it. I thought, ooo that 's pretty color or wow this is neat. I want to make this or that.  Then when I look at the price tag...some were reasonable price and some were not.  A lots of time I want to make but I don't have enough $$$. So I tried to make something that is cheap but it always turned out cheap and feo! Gone to garbage. Anyway, I told meself to start with a simple craft to make. Please please I would love to make something and it clear my mind for a while while I enjoy it. 

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