Friday, October 28, 2011

The Unfinished crochet blanket

Last week, my youngest daughter came to me and asked me when I will finish her crochet blanket and I said I said, I don't know. Then she said well I hope not when I am in high school!  That when it hit me, oh yea, I better get on it because I have a small confession, I started this 2nd blanket when I was pregnant with her!!! It had been on and off crocheting these years.  At one point, it was in the attic when we moved and another time it was in the rental storage. So I got up and went to get the unfinished crochet blanket. I had started few rows over the weekend and this week I had been doing one row at a time. Let me tell you, I have no idea what I was doing since I am not an expert crocheter.  I realized I didn't follow the instruction and count the stitches. I knew the blanket was longer than my I measured and it's 7 feet long, what was I thinking???  I guess my daugheter can wrap herself 3 times or share with another person under the blanket. I am not going to start all over since it already in the process. I am going to stitches my own way and do different patterns. I am browsing through books, magazine and internet for varies crochet patterns. I hope to do this each night just one row and belive me my hands get tired! My goal is to finish this blanket by this December before her 9th birthday!
Watch my progress until December. Will you cheer for me? Push me? Will you hang out with me? Or be my ticking clock? 

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